End of Tenancy Cleaning

Usually right before you move out you are asked to perform the so called end of tenancy cleaning and only after it you can leave the rented property. The main goal of this procedure is the returning of the accommodation in the same perfect condition it was when you moved in and thus the whole cleaning turns out to be pretty stressful and very time-consuming. And this combined with the packing, transporting and unpacking makes the move out a total nightmare. And still some people believe that they can cope with everything by themselves and spend incredible amount of time washing every window and removing every cobweb, but the result is unfortunately too unsatisfying and in the end they simply fail the inspection. And for this particular reason more and more people these days hire a company, which can perform this clean-up more skillfully and professionally, and most importantly – more successfully.

And the main advantage of hiring an experienced cleaning company with perfect reputation is the fact that thus you undoubtedly save a lot of time and energy and in the same time you are amazed by the totally wonderful result.

We, the Westminster Cleaners, promise you 100% sure inspection pass, because having the checklists used by the landlords and the letting agencies by our side, we always perform the cleaning they expect.

And if you are though still not completely convinced, take a look at one of those lists full of tasks and requirements and you will realize that it is something beyond your powers. Here are some of the most inspected places.

Kitchen – you spend a great amount of time there and still it is full of bacteria and grease and dirt, because it simply needs some special care. Fort this reason our full service includes every part of the kitchen except for the oven, which requires some more time and specialized cleaning products and techniques.

Bathroom – this room is home for many bacteria as well and that is why we start our clean-up by disinfecting absolutely every place – the sink, the tiles and in between, the toilet bowl. Because we are using high-quality cleaning products only, we will be able to make the whole bathroom shine and we will even remove the lime scale.

Bedroom – many are the places we will take care of in this room – the walls, the windows and the carpet. However, we strongly recommend you to perform regular deep carpet cleaning, because the carpets can accumulate so much dirt and dust, which then can cause some allergies or infections, and this is surely not what you won’t. In the bedroom we will clean the radiators and all skirting boards as well.

Living room – despite the amount of time we spend in this room, we fail to notice how dirty it is in the reality. Here we will clean the floor and the carpet, we will wash the windows and we will even take care of all the door-knobs and skirting boards.

Hallways – though we don’t think of them as rooms that need some special cleaning, they are always on the checklists used by the inspectors. For this reason we will clean the radiators, the carpet and all skirting boards, too.

The door knobs and the light switches all around the house will be cleaned with special antibacterial detergent as well.

One more thing you need to know is that before we arrive we will want to make sure that we will able to use hot water and well working electricity, because these things are indeed needed for a professional clean-up. Please don’t forget to empty all the wardrobes and cupboards and all the appliances as well, because that could impede us a lot. And if you are looking for expert and absolutely secure end of tenancy cleaning in Westminster, then don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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Excluding carpet cleaning £84
Including carpet cleaning £96


One Bedroom


Excluding carpet cleaning £99
Including carpet cleaning £113


Two Bedroom


1 Bathroom  £120
2 Bathrooms £150


Three Bedroom


1 Bathroom £145
2 Bathrooms £155

Four Bedroom


1 Bathroom £210
2 Bathrooms £220
3 Bathrooms £270


Same day Service

from £ 120

Same day service is something that very few agencies out there can offer but it is also something that the clients always ask for. Don’t lose your deposit – hire the professionals.

£ 120