Miss these certainly fail inspection

If you miss these, you will certainly fail your end of tenancy cleaning inspection

It’s all about the money, except for that Jessie J song. The reality is that it turns out that it matters, the money matters and the lack of it even more. So, when you are about to move out, to leave that rented property and to start living in another cozy place you will turn into your home – rented or yours, you need to pass an inspection, an after tenancy one. And if you have at some point in your life forgotten about the money you gave for security deposit, when you need to pay for transportation, for new furniture, for new decorations and appliances, for new home or simply for new security deposit, you think about it and how useful those several thousand pounds would be. But there is a thing – a little annoying detail, that bothers you – the fact that if you want to use this, you will have to pass the inspection first, and if you fail, you have to say goodbye to it for good. So yeah, it is that serious and you should be rational while you are coping with the whole situation. Only thus, you will have your happy ending thereafter. So better take a look at those things you should pay attention to, because they are your path to success, or differently said your path to your money and their returning back to your bank account.

The details

Well, you perform some kind of cleaning from time to time, but what it includes is not enough. Yeah, you are going through your house with the vacuum cleaner and you are removing the dust from that surfaces, which are most obvious, but that’s it, you don’t do anything more. What you need to do during the move out is a much deeper end of tenancy cleaning. That means that every cobweb should be removed, every glass or mirror perfectly washed, all the surfaces dust free, walls and floors and doors as well. All the lights should be cleaned and all the skirting boards as well, the bathroom should be shining and the appliances with no grease. And because this is a lot of work, what every rational grown up person will recommend you is to hire one of the London’s best cleaners for a move out cleaning, because they will do it better in less time for not that much money.

The stains

It is wide known that a single stain might ruin your whole inspection, so no matter if it is on the carpet, on the couch, on the fabrics of the chair or on the wall, if there is a track of spill or even worse a huge stain, you won’t get that so desired pass and you will leave your old home miserably sad without those 3000 and more pounds in your pocket. So, make sure that there won’t be any stains and if you cannot make them vanish, trust the professionals who can.